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Our Teachers

Welcome to the Starship Yoga community! We pride ourselves on having a team of dedicated and passionate teachers who are committed to creating a welcoming and inclusive space for everyone to explore the benefits of yoga. Our team of experienced instructors brings a diverse range of knowledge, styles, and backgrounds to the mat, each with their own unique approach to teaching yoga. Whether you're new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, our teachers are here to support you on your journey towards wellness and inner peace. Browse our profiles to learn more about our teachers and their areas of expertise, and join us for a class today to experience the magic of yoga for yourself.


Eric Broder Van Dyke

Founder and President

Eric grew up on the SouthEast side of Oahu. In 2001, Eric took his first yoga class while attending college at UNLV studying Fine Art. The sign across the street from school read 'It’s Yoga', and one day Eric got the courage to walk inside the studio. He was instantly enchanted by the Rocket style of Ashtanga practice. After graduating, Eric headed to the land of peace and love - San Francisco - to study with the ‘Rocketman’ Larry Schultz (Yoga Teacher of the Grateful Dead during the early 90's). A teacher training that was supposed to last one month morphed into an apprenticeship for the next five years and a lifelong passion for yoga. Eric has been teaching yoga since 2006. Eric continues his yoga studies learning from great yoga teachers such as Ganga White, Tracy Rich of White Lotus, David Swenson, and Manju Jois. Eric moved back to Oahu in 2012, and has been sharing his love of yoga across the island ever since.  Eric is a Certified in Ashtanga, Rocket, Vinyasa, Trauma, Kids, and Laughing Yoga.  Eric is also one of Oahu most published photographers, specializing in Landscapes, Sports, Abstract, and Yoga Photography.




Aloha yogis and yoginis! I’m Courtney, your Hikina Power yoga instructor. As a native Hawaiian born and raised on the West coast of Oahu, I have a deep connection with the ocean. The graceful strength of the sea inspires my flow on the mat.

My yoga journey began at the gym as an way to cross-train and condition my body. I soon found that yoga enhanced my performance in sports, dance, and biathlon training. Years later, I had a breakthrough at my first yoga studio session in 2016. From that point, my practice transformed. I took the physical postures to a deeper level of mindful movement and meditation--from body to mind to spirit. Diving deeper, I completed my teacher training in April 2018 with a focus on Kripalu and Power yoga.

In all my classes, I intend to strengthen your physical body and help you to get to those peak postures, while also deepening your yoga practice with traditional Hawaiian concepts and Kripalu yogic teachings. In Hawaiian, "hina" and "ku" represent yin and yang, the opposing forces that is present in all things. I believe in the importance of finding balance both on the mat and in life. Thus, I lead a variety of class styles along this spectrum (Rocket, Vinyasa, and Yin) and will guide you in carefully chosen yoga flows that will balance your unique lifestyle.

I invite you to journey with me to realize your "mana", prana, your energetic power. You are more powerful than you think. 




In 2014, Paul was introduced to Power Yoga as a way to build a relationship between the body and breath. Vinyasa gave him a portal to experience yin, yoga nidra, shakti, and acrobatic (acro) yoga. Paul has been teaching Acro Yoga classes since early 2016. In the spring of 2018, Paul completed his 200YTT through Open Space Yoga. He teaches standing basics; as well as, 'L' basing basics and intermediate levels. Truth be told, acro yoga is the un-yoga. Classes focus on getting off your mat, working with others, trusting others, and most importantly; smiles and high fives.

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